Basic SE Training

This is about a training for (Young) Software Engineers; to become a Professional Engineer. They will work on a big Project: Team by team, they will work on (a part of an) extensions for Pathways. It is not a training on how to develop Pathways extensions!

Part I: The training itself

This is a generic part: for all teams, and about all extensions. Most is written by the trainer (Albert), in his role as coach. It describes the training-concept, some rules and some hints.

It will mature in time. Each (future) team will build on the shoulders of the teams before. And so, the training will evolve as well. Like in a real-world project: each sprint-retrospective brings new insight, shifting the focus of improvement.

Part II: The extensions (under development)

This is about the extension(s) and it parts. Each extensions has requirements, components, a design, lots of code, etc. This comes with several kinds of documentation.

Some is written (or given by) the trainer (in his role as product-owner). Some is written by the teams. Most focus in the product, and how to use it. See the SUMs (Software User Manuals).

Part III: Team pages

This is a collection of (informal) notes, ordered by team. They contain quick tip on various topics; made by (individual) apprentices. They may be useful, but may be outdated.

You can find lessons-learned about (installing) the tools, the training, the extensions. Every apprentice is ask to add as many notes as possible; often in a FAQ style. One is also allowed to improve older pages; even of other teams.

Each team has a its own (new) directory, named after the team. One is allowed to add a page(s) about the team (members); like a logo.