A Big project …

Pathways is a concept and (reference) implementation for automatic verification (or ’testing’) a product. Especially, during iterative development; like Agile and Scrum. It also fits in a Lean and Agile SW-development approach.

It is also extendable; anyone can write a gate to a new product (or PUT: Product Under Development). Such a gate has a small, generic interface: the minimal set of “command and queries” to operate that PUT.


In these training such an extensions is made. Or more precise, as (small) part of it. The first extension is called RekenRobot, and currently the teams are working on the DisplayLezen part.

Remember: it should be (and is) is quite a big, challenging project! At least for junior programmers. They will encounter all kind of engineering (and process) problems and learn from it.


The objective is to learn; not to write code quickly. Probably an experienced programmer with in depth knowhow on robots, computer-vision, OCR and AI can write this extension is a few days (or less). But it is all new for them …

So, they will make mistakes. In ‘engineering’, in (software) architecture & design, and in code-quality.

And they get feedback; but not that much on the code itself. There are other trainings for that!